Exploring style with Parsons and Teen Vogue

Oct. 15 was my first day of school. Fashion school.

In September I  was accepted into the Parsons School of Design x Teen Vogue fashion program: 10 weeks and five courses on fashion production, media,  PR, and more. At the end of the program, on Christmas Day, I’ll have earned a Certificate in Fashion Industry Essentials. So far it’s been a great learning experience!

In the first course, Parsons faculty and magazine experts teach how to unlock visual style, how different elements join up to create a certain look, and how to tell a story with clothing. One assignment asks students to visit Pinterest and pin to a mood board several looks they love. So I did. And it didn’t take long to notice the similarities. All of my pins were sweaters, all were neutral colors, and most were loose fitting. Then I added some shoe options and some other accessories.

From there I build an outfit that told the story within my mood board. My ensemble included a soft knit sweater, a sheer blouse, and black boots to anchor it all. Delicate flowers sweeten the look that’s overall loose and flowing, kind of fun and relaxed — and exactly what I’d like to wear as I explore fashion (and downtown) in this new way.



For another assignment I created a board describing “My Story.” Pinning the pretty things around me — things I like and things that describe me — actually taught me more about myself. It helped me see what’s most important to me, and that will be important moving forward with Painted Ashley. Here are a couple photos I snapped of things around the house.



Thursday marks the start of course No. 2: “Thinking Like a Designer.” Stay tuned and have a good week!