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Meet my new friend, Shaun

Great friends will go out of their way to be great friends, whether you haven’t seen them in months or you saw them only yesterday.

Prime example: Two years ago when my friend, Jake, landed an internship with the Winter X Games, I jokingly said he should tell Shaun White, two-time Olympic gold medalist and all-around the man, that “Ashley Young says hi and sup!”

Jake didn’t have a chance to tell him that year. Or the year after that. But tonight, after two years and many jokes about my original request, Jake actually shook Shaun’s hand and told him what I said. And Shaun said ‘Cheers’!

Shaun White

Obviously he and I are friends now.

But in all seriousness, Jake’s busy working in Aspen, and given the short amount of time I’m sure he had with Shaun, why would he waste time by telling him what some random girl said?

  1. Because two years ago Jake promised his friend that he would, even though that friend was 100 percent kidding, and
  2. Because he knew it’d make me smile.

So this post is dedicated to Mr. Greenfield, great friends, my new friend (haha) and his awesome run on the SuperPipe a few minutes ago. Did you see him hit 19.3 feet of air on his first run of eliminations?!



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