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Lows and highs of my journey to employment

Last Friday was my three-month anniversary working at The Record Delta. (BREAKING NEWS.) This is a big deal because:

  1. It’s tough finding a job right out of college, and
  2. God opened this door in a huge way.

I came home from NYC two weeks before graduation, and when I graduated from college I had exactly four weeks until my wedding. Months before any of that, though, I thought I’d lined up a job and a start-date of June 16. (Note: This job wasn’t terribly relevant to a journalism/PR career, but it was decent nonetheless. Stay with me.)

Long story short, it turned out that I did not have a job. I learned this eight days before my wedding.

As you might imagine, frustration turned to sadness, then panic, then indifference, all in under 15 minutes.

But in the midst of those emotions, I drafted an email to the only contact I knew from the newspaper where I’d soon live — tears in my eyes — telling her that I’d just graduated, that I had experience in x, y and z and that I was the editor-in-chief of my college newspaper for two years. I knew there was no possible way The Record Delta was hiring a staff writer at this exact moment, and I was almost certain my email wouldn’t reach her before she left for the weekend. Friday afternoon was already halfway over.

I received no response that day, but God assured me that He had something great in store for my future — that I knew and deeply believed. All I had to do was be patient.

And finish planning my wedding.

From the very first stages of planning, I’d decided that I wasn’t going to stress about anything, because weddings are supposed to be fun, not stressful, and my wedding was going to be SO much fun. The fact that I didn’t have a job was not about to destroy that.


So, days later, I got married, had an awesome time with family and friends and my new husband, then went on a week-long vaca to Blackwater Falls State Park. S t r e s s  f r e e. Mostly.

And in the midst of praying and remaining hopeful that I’d find a job as soon as I got home from the honeymoon, I randomly checked my email — the lodge’s wifi spotty as it was — and found one from The Record Delta‘s editor, my future boss, saying that, “as it just so happens, a position has just opened up.”

As it just so happened, I cried again, but this time it was happy tears.

To sum up the rest of the story, Adam and I moved into our apartment that coming Sunday, I interviewed Wednesday and I started work the next day: Thursday, June 19 — only four days after my originally anticipated start-date.

Talk about a plan in motion. God is cooler than COOL.


Since He opened this door three months ago, I’ve:

  • written 75+ news stories
  • attended 30+ meetings
  • interviewed two state senators, many city dignitaries and other great people in the community
  • learned A TON about writing, editing, AP Style rules, interviewing, design and so much more
  • graduated from one story on the cover to four stories, six photos on the cover (pictured above, taken yesterday)

When God closes one door, He opens another. He reminds us to rely on Him every day, especially when we think there are only poor outcomes in sight. His words were true yesterday, they’re true today and they’ll remain true tomorrow.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. In those days when you pray, I will listen. If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me.”
— Jeremiah 29:11-13

Thank you, Jesus, for everything. Please keep us on your path and remind us daily that our strength comes from You alone.




Wedding photography by 4Him Photography


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