N Poplar Fork

A new blog means a new focus—one that is much more thought provoking than the last. (Keep reading, you’ll quickly see what I mean.)

For those who have read my musings in the past, a new blog might seem a little weird. I mean, why this new site? I can sum up this transition rather sweetly.

Frankly, rose-colored glasses can be annoying.
My last blog focused on fast-paced magazine-world happenings in New York City—what I did, where I went, how great it all felt. While many days did feel like a dream, others felt, well, less than that. (These are the ups and downs that come with any job.)  I had a great time; however, I also experienced trials, none of which were ever written about. This led to a happy-go-lucky almost-diary. Simply put, I stopped blogging because I was promoting the social media effect, but you will not find that here. Instead you’ll find the place where happiness, encouragement and God’s love meet reality. It’ll be fun, trust me.

One hundred percent personal life equals 100 percent boring.
That trip to that one coffee shop in xyz was really great, I’m sure, but why not do something a little different? Let’s get away from the “me, myself and I,” generate that all-too-important takeaway value. (Hint: It’s here.)

Stretched canvas, my life, our world—
I’m gonna paint it ashley.

Stick around and gain a new perspective.





New blog, new focus


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